Parliamentary actions and the Non-Proliferation Treaty

PNND reports to the NPT Prep Com in Vienna.Side-event includes actions for nuclear-risk reduction and disarmament, and to establish nuclear-weapon free zones in Europe, NE Asia and the Middle East. Read more

World body of parliaments discusses nuclear risks, weapons budgets and sustainable development

Over 600 parliamentarians meet in Dhaka. PNND organizes nuclear disarmament forums for parliamentarians and youth. International Day of Sport for Peace and Development commemorated. Read more

PNND and IPU develop parliamentary action plan

PNND and the Inter-Parliamentary Union develop a Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon Free World.Draft is discussed at 136th IPU Assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Read more

Berlin consultation focuses on detente, gift-baskets and nuclear weapons financing

PNND, UNFOLD ZERO and German arms control and disarmament organisations have consultation with the Foreign Office.Ban treaty, NPT prep com, Russia/NATO relations and UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament discussed. Read more

Kazakhstan nuclear disarmament leadership honoured in the Scottish Parliament

Event highlights impact of nuclear tests in Kazakhstan.PNND Co-President announces the nomination he made of Kazakhstan nuclear disarmament leaders for the 2017 Nobel Peace.Photo: Scottish Parliament Read more

136 Japanese legislators join global nuclear disarmament statement

Supporters include former foreign ministers, ambassadors and chairs of key committees.Endorsements arrive in New York on the eve of the first meeting of the UN negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty. Read more

PNND to Latin America: Happy 50th nuclear-free birthday

Latin America and the Caribbean celebrate 50 years of their nuclear-weapon-free treaty.PNND members highlight the anniversary & the treaty as a step to a nuclear-free world. Read more

Support grows for Markey/Lieu bill to restrict the President’s authority to use nuclear weapons

Concerns rise over President Trump's 'finger on the nuclear button'.In phone call with Putin, President Trump undermines the New START agreement. Read more

PNND holds consultation in Washington DC as Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight

Doomsday clock moved to 2.5 minutes to midnight.PNND and UNFOLD ZERO hold a consultation on opportunities to make progress provided by upcoming multilateral processes. Read more

PNND staff person wins Pugwash Youth Award

Caroline Leroy wins UK Student Pugwash award for best blog proposing a UK policy on WMD. Read more