Dhaka, April 5-7

PNND 2017 Assembly

57 April 2017 | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hotel Lake Castle

International conference on current nuclear threats, disarmament initiatives and the role of parliamentarians.

Will adopt a Global Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World.

Image: Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho memorial in Dhaka

This Parliamentary Assembly will bring together legislators from across the political spectrum and from around the world, together with civil society representatives from PNND partner organisations.

The assembly will facilitate dialogue and build parliamentary action to reduce nuclear risks, advance nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and achieve a nuclear-weapons free world.

It comes at a time of increasing threats from nuclear weapons. Indeed, just last month the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the Doomsday Clock to 2.5 Minutes to Midnight as a result of these risks. But it also comes at a time of opportunities, as the United Nations General Assembly commences negotiations on a global treaty to ban nuclear weapons, and is about to hold a High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament to build political traction for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The PNND Assembly follows immediately after the 136th Session of the Inter Parliamentary Union Assembly (over 700 parliamentarians from 170 member parliaments) at which PNND will hold a side event on Nuclear risk reduction and disarmament, which will focus on implementation of the 2014 IPU resolution (adopted by consensus) on the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

PNND has been conducting consultations around the world on a draft Global Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, which will be adopted at the 2017 Assembly. This Action plan will be circulated to PNND members and partner organisations, and presented to various inter-parliamentary bodies and international conferences in order to enhance effective parliamentary action.

The PNND Assembly will also include:

  • An international conference on current nuclear threats, disarmament initiatives and the role of parliamentarians;
  • A special forum for youth to engage with parliamentarians;
  • PNND Council meeting to appoint PNND leadership and adopt PNND program of activities;
  • Special public events.

For registration information please contact info@pnnd.org. For the full program click here.