Global Peace Bike Ride starts from UK Parliament

PNND and Mayors for Peace co-sponsor the Bike Ride for Peace around the World which started from UK Parliament on Wednesday February 27, 2019. The bike ride is led by Tore Naerland, a blind rider and long-time nuclear disarmament campaigner.

Bike for Peace around the world, a group of ten cyclists from Norway circumnavigating the world by bike and plane, began their voyage from the UK Parliament on Wednesday February 27.

Bike for Peace cyclists will ride in France, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and USA before returning to Norway on April 5, in time for the International Day of Sport for Peace and Development on April 6 (see Bike for Peace itinerary).

The ride is led by Tore Naerland, a disabled (blind) cyclist, graduate of history and political science and long-time peace activist. Tore has been promoting peace by organizing biking  and cultural tours in various countries since 1978.

PNND member Fabian Hamilton MP and Mayors for Peace Secretary Sean Morris welcome the Bike Ride for Peace to the UK Parliament

PNND member Fabian Hamilton MP, who also serves as Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament, welcomed the bike ride to Westminster, along with Sean Morris, Secretary for Mayors for Peace UK, based in Manchester.

Bike for Peace will raise attention as they cycle to nuclear disarmament, war prevention, climate protection, promotion of cycling and renewable energies, protection of the oceans including from plastic waste, full inclusion of the disabled in society, democratisation of the United Nations and cutting military spending to fund the sustainable development goals (See the Bike for Peace Outline and Appeal).

Bike For Peace and Tore Naerland have been awarded the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award (2015) and the Norwegian Kings medal of honor (2017). They have been nominated eight times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Tore also serves as a Board Member of the International Peace Bureau which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910.

For more information visit or or contact Tore Naerland

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