Organizational structure

PNND is a non-profit, non-partisan, global network of parliamentarians (legislators) from state, federal and regional parliaments. Any parliamentarian who supports the aims of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament is eligible to become a member.

PNND is governed by a Council which includes representatives from amongst the countries in which PNND has active membership. The Council is led by Co-Presidents. The Council also includes Special Members, Alumni Members and ex oficio members.

PNND also establishes national sections in countries where there is significant cross-party membership and national action. 

PNND holds annual assemblies, resources permitting, which include a parliamentary forum and a meeting of the Council, which adopts the program for the subsequent period, and affirms the Co-Presidents and other Council Members.

PNND activities are implemented by its Co-Presidents, Council Members, regular members and PNND staff - both paid and voluntary.

PNND is registered in the United States as a program of the Global Security Institute, and in Switzerland as a program of the Basel Peace Office.