PNND Council Members


PNND Council Member
Turkey – Grand National Assembly

Dr. Aytug Atici is a medical doctor and a lawmaker from the Republican People's Party. He has promoted the proposal for a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and other WMD in Turkey, succeeding in securing the endorsement of over 40 parliamentarians for the joint global parliamentary statement on this issue.

Byrganym Aytimova

PNND Council Member
Kazakhstan – Senate

Senator Aytimova has been a member of the senate since 2014. Prior to this she has served as the Kazakhstan ambassador to the United Nations and as the Minister for Education and Science. During her term as UN Ambassador, Aytimova was responsible for the establishment by the United Nations of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. The day is observed on August 29, the anniversary of the closure of the Soviet nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. 

Jeremy Corbyn

PNND Council Member
United Kingdom – House of Commons

Jeremy Corbyn is a British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Islington North. He has been in the House of Commons since he won his seat at the 1983 general election. A long-time supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, he is one of its three Vice-Chairs. He also serves on the UK delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union, and has chaired the UK – Mexico Parliamentary Friendship Group. Jeremy is currently leader of the UK Labour Party.

Michelle Demessine

PNND Council Member
France – Senate

Senator Demessine is the current Secretary of the French Senate represents the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.  She is a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces. She has been a fierce promoter of women's rights and is also committed to the dignity and citizenship of people with disabilities.  Michelle Demessine was first elected Senator in 1992. She left the office after having been appointed Minister of Tourism from 1997 to 2001. In March 2001 she was elected Deputy Mayor of Lille, and returned to the Senate. She is a member of the French Groupe Communiste Républicain et Citoyen .

Linda Duncan

PNND Council Member. Co-Chair of PNND Canada
Canada – House of Commons

Linda Duncan serves as a member of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.  Known for taking a strong stance on environamental issue, she has served as National Democratic critic for environment. Prior to this Ms. Duncan worked as an international environmental consultant. She is also a member of the Canadian Delegration to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA), Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association and Canada-Unites States Inter Parliamentary Group.

Abdullah Ensour

PNND Council Member
Prime Minister of Jordan
Jordan – Chamber of Deputies

Abdullah Ensour is a Jordanian economist who has been Prime Minister of Jordan since October 2012. A veteran statesman and politician, he held various cabinet positions in Jordanian governments. He has been active on peace and disarmament issues including in support of a Middle East Zone free from Nuclear Weapons and other WMD.

Alain Ficini

PNND Council Member
Monaco – Conseil National

Alain Ficini serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Monaco Parliament. He is also the head of the Monaco Parliament delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union and to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Ute Finckh-Krämer

PNND Council Member
Germany – Bundestag

Ute Finckh-Krämer is a member of the German Parliament. She has worked previously as a lecturer in adult education and in a government agency for children with impaired hearing. In the parliament she serves on the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid. She is the Deputy Chair of the Subcommittee on Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, and the Secretary for the Subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and networked action. Ms Finckh-Krämer has been active in civil society organisations for peace, disarmament and conflict management.

Alena Gajdůšková

PNND Alumni Council Member
Czech Republic – Senate

Alena Gajdůšková has served as the First Vice-President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, and a vice-president of the Czech Social Democratic Party. She is currently an adviser to the Prime Minister. Her work is focused on the issues of science and research, healthcare and human rights. She is a proponent of cooperative security and highlights the key role of the European Union in keeping peace and stability in the region. She was a supporter of the campaign against the deployment of the US National Missile Defence system components in the Czech Republic. She is Vice-President of the Czech Association of Patients, and a member of the Czech Red Cross.

Barbara Gysi

PNND Council Member
Switzerland – National Council

Barbara Gysi is a member of the Swiss National Council. She serves as Vice-President of the Finance Commission. Prior to being elected to the parliament Ms Gysi served in the Wil Canton Council where she was the Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Youth and Age. Before this she was a social worker.

Yassin Husban

PNND Council Member
Jordan – Senate

Senator Yassin Husban is a doctor and former medical administrator. Prior to joining the senate he served as Director- General of Al-Hussein Medical City, Director of Queen Alia Military Hospital and Director of Dentistry at the Royal Medical Services. In the Senate he serves on the Information and National Orientation Committee, Administrative Committee, and Agriculture and Water Committee.

Hoon Sul

PNND Council Member
South Korea – National Assembly

Sul Hoon represents PNND Korea on the PNND Council. He is Chairman of the Standing committee on education, culture, sport and tourism at the National Assembly (parliament) of the Republic of Korea

Birgitta Jónsdóttir

PNND Council Member
Iceland – Althing

A member of Althingi for the Reykjavik South Constituency since, Birgitta Jónsdóttir is the Vice-Chairman of the parliamentary group of the Movement 2010, and member of committees dealing with education, general affairs, foreign affairs, environment, European affairs and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Birgitta is also a member of the Iceland delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union. She was instrumental in the IPU adopting a resolution in 2015 on digital freedom.

Abul Kalam Azad

PNND Council member. Joint Convenor of PNND Bangladesh
Bangladesh – National Assembly

Abul Kalam Azad is serving his fourth term as a parliamentarian representing the Bangladesh Awami League. He is a member of the Bangladesh delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union and was formerly a lawyer.

Marianne Malak Kamal

PNND Council Member
Egypt – House of Representatives

Marianne Malak Kamal is Egypt’s youngest parliamentarian. She has served in the upper house since 2012. As a Coptic Christian she represents a minority voice, but one who calls for dialogue, tolerance and inclusion of all religions and persuasions. She has been a member of the member of the constitution assembly and of the national council for human rights. She has a degree in law, a master in human rights and a Phd in international law.

Roderich Kiesewetter

PNND Council Member
Germany – Bundestag

Roderich Kiesewetter, (CDU/CSU) is Deputy-Chair of the Bundestag Sub-committee on Disarmament and Arms Control, leader of the German delegation to the Euro Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and member of the Parliamentarians’ Network on Conflict Prevention. Prior to entering parliament Mr Kiesewetter worked at the German defense ministry, EU Council and NATO headquarters where he was office manager of the chief of staff.

Dov Khenin

PNND Council Member
Israel – Knesset

Dov Khenin is a member of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee and the Committee on the Rights of the Child. He is chairman of the Chairman, Social-Environmental Lobby and the Civil Rights Lobby and a member of the Lobby for Jewish-Arab Coexistence.

Shoichi KONDO

Vice-President PNND Japan, PNND Council Member
Japan – House of Representatives

Shoichi Kondo has been a Member of the House of Representatives in the Diet for the Democratic Party since 1996. A native of Nagoya, Aichi and graduate of Sophia University, he had served as a reporter for the Chunichi Shimbun from 1984 to 1993.He has held the position of Chairman of Committee on Discipline of the House of Representatives. Kondo has also served as Senior Vice-Minister of Environment. He is Vice President of PNND Japan.

Caroline Lucas

PNND Council Member
United Kingdom – House of Commons

Caroline Lucas is the first Green Party member elected to the UK House of Commons. She was previously a member of the European Parliament. Lucas served on the European Parliament Committee for Trade, Industry, Energy and Research; Committee on the Environement, Public Health and Consumer Policy; Committee on International Trade and Temporary Committee on Climate Change.  In her role as an activist, she has beeen on the National Council of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) since 2004. She has held positions such as the former vice-president of Stop the War Coalition, Trustee of the Radiation Research Trust. She has authored many books on globalisation, localisation, animal welfare, trade justice and food.

Dirk Van Der Maelen

PNND Council Member
Belgium – National Assembly

Dirk van der Maelen is a member of the Spirit Party form Eastern Flanders. He serves as President of the Commission on Globalisation and as Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Dirk has introduced a number of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament resolutions in the Belgian parliament and was author of the legislation prohibiting depleted uranium weapons. Most recently he was one of the organizers of a Letter to the President of the United States from parliamentarians in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey supporting Obama’s vision and actions for a nuclear-weapons-free world and calling for the removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe as an important step.

Christa Markwalder

PNND Council Member
Switzerland – National Council

Christa Markwalder was elected for the Liberal Party (FDP) to the Swiss National Council in 2003. Since then she has been member of the Foreign Policy Commission, which she is currently chairing. She is also member of the Committee for Legal Affairs and the German-language Drafting Committee. Since 2007, Markwalder is part of the delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. She also chairs the parliamentary group on renewable energies, the parliamentary group Green Cross, the parliamentary group for environmentally conscious management, and is the co-president of the parliamentary group for voluntary work and volunteering. Christa Markwalder holds a law degree and a certificate in ecology.

Ghassan Moukheiber

PNND Council Member
Lebanon – Chamber of Deputies

Ghassan Moukheiber is Lebanese parliamentarian with a special interest in human rights. He is a member of the parliamentary Law and Administration committee, Rapporteur of the parliamentary Human Rights committee and member of the parliamentary Environment committee. He chairs the Arab Region ‘Parliamentarians Against Corruption" organization and the Lebanese Chapter "Lebanese Parliamentarians Against Corruption."

Holger K. Nielsen

PNND Council Member
Denmark – Folketinget

Holger Nielsen has been a member of the Danish Parliament from 1981-1984 and returned in 1987 until today. He has been a member of the parliaments' Presidium since 2007, and served for some time as the Foreign Minister. Previously he has served on the Nordic Council, as Head of Section in the Danish Ministry of Energy and as Chairman of the Socialist People's Party. He has written a number of books on Danish politics and the EEC.

David Norris

PNND Council Member
Ireland – Senate

David Patrick Bernard Norris is a scholar, independent Senator, and gay and civil rights activist. Norris represents the University of Dublin constituency in the Seanad as an Independent. He was first elected to the Seanad in 1987, and has been re-elected at each election since. He was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in Ireland. Founder of the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform, he is also a prominent member of the Church of Ireland. He was a candidate for President of Ireland in the October 2011 election.

Nan Orrock

PNND Council Member
United States of America – States Senate

Senator Nan Grogan Orrock is a member of the Georgia State Senate. Senator Orrock’s legislative expertise includes health policy, women's issues, child/family policy, workplace issues, civil liberties, civil rights, and environmental issues.She is a founder of the Georgia Legislative Women's Caucus and President of the Women Legislators' Lobby, a national, non-partisan group of legislators, which works for balanced budgets, increased spending on families, education, health and child care, and a reduction in excessive and wasteful military spending.

Georgi Pirinski

PNND Council Member
European Parliament – Bulgaria

Georgi Prinski Jr, is a member of the European Parliament, serving on the Committee on Budget Control, and on the EU Cooperation Committees with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Prior to the European Parliament, Mr Prinski was a member of the Bulgarian Parliament. He served as Vice Premier during two administrations and as Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly from 2005-2009.

Alongkorn Ponlaboot

PNND Council Member
Thailand – House of Representatives

Alongkorn Ponlaboot is a Member of Parliament, Democrat Party, Phetchaburi province and also Deputy Prime Minister (Shadow Cabinet), Democrat Party. His major positions include President of Alternative Energy Institute of Thailand Foundation, and Advisor to the Standing Committee on Energy of the House of Representatives. He was a Vice Chairman of Energy Committee House of Representatives (2001-2005).

Shane Reti

PNND Council. Former Chair of PNND New Zealand
New Zealand – House of Representatives

Shane Reti was elected to parliament in 2014. Prior to that he worked as a doctor specializing in family medicine. He has been awarded the Queens Service Medal for his contributions to community health. Shane is fluent in Maori, English and Japanese, and led the PNND delegation to the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in August 2015. He serves as the Secretary of PNND New Zealand.

Michelle Rivasi

PNND Council Member
Vice-Chair Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
European Parliament – France

Michèle Rivasi is Member of the European Parliament representing South East France for Europe Écologie–The Greens. A former teacher at the École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines in 1986 she founded the Commission for Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity following the Chernobyl disaster. She served as President of Greenpeace France from 2003-2004.

François De Rugy

PNND Council Member
Former Minister for the Environment, France
France – National Assembly

François de Rugy is a member of the National Assembly of France. He represents the Loire-Atlantique department, as a member of the Democratic and Republican Left, a parliamentary group that includes his political party Europe Ecology – The Greens.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat

PNND Council Member
Egypt – House of Representatives

Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat is the founder of the Reform and Development Party, and nephew of late President Anwar Sadat. Anwar El-Sadat has been a member of parliament for three consecutive terms since 2005. He has served as Chair of the Human Rights Committee in Parliament and on the 2012 Constitutional Committee. He has been an active supporter of the establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction and a supporter of the Camp David Accords signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin following negotiations mediated by US President Jimmy Carter.

Mohamed Anwar El-Sada
Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat

Michael Arce Sancho

PNND Council Member
Costa Rica – Legislative Assembly

Michael Arce Sancho is a lawyer who was elected to the Costa Rica Assembly in 2014. He is a member of the Costa Rica delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union. He also serves as a Deputy Mayor for the Municipality of Greece.

Awad Salim Masaeed

PNND Council Member
Jordan – Senate

Senator Awad Salim Masaeed is a Lt General who has served as Director General of Civil Defense, Assistant Chief of Staff for manpower, and Commander of the Command and Staff College. He currently serves on the Senate Committees for Health and Environment, and Tourism and Heritage.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed

PNND Council Member
Pakistan – Federal Senate

Mushahid Hussain Sayed served in the cabinet as federal minister of information from 1997 to 1999 in the Nawaz Sharif government. He was elected to the Senate of Pakistan in 2003, and reelected in 2012. He was also selected the Secretary General of the Pakistan Muslim League and is head of the Pakistan delegation to the Asian Parliamentary Assembly.

Torstein Tvedt Solberg

PNND Council Member. Chair PNND Norway
Norway – Stortinget

Torstein Tvedt Solberg has a master's degree in Culture, Environment and Sustainability at the University of Oslo. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 2013. Solberg is a member of the Norwegian Parliament delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.