PNND Co-Presidents

Mani Shankar Aiyar

PNND Co-President
India – Rajya Sabha (Council of States)

Mani Shankar Aiyar is a member of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and a leading member of Global Zero. He began his career as a an Indian diplomat before becoming the Private Secretary for Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, during which time he assisted Gandhi draft the Rajiv Gandhi Plan for Nuclear Disarmament and a Non-violent World Order. He has been a member of Lok Sabha (Lower House), and served as Cabinet Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Mani Shankar is author of a number of books including Remembering Rajiv (1992), Pakistan Papers (1994), Confessions of a Secular Fundamentalist (2004) and A Time of Transition: Rajiv Gandhi to the 21st Century (2009).

Saber Hossain Chowdhury

PNND Co-President
Bangladesh – National Assembly

Saber Chowdhury chairs the Bangladesh Parliament All Party Group on Climate Change and Environment. He is the President of the Inter-Parliamentary and is an active member of the Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association. He has introduced legislation on prohibition of Torture and Custodial/ Extra-judicial killings in Bangladesh, rights of slum dwellers, a code of conduct/ethics for members of parliament, and repeal of Leprosy Act which had promoted segregation. He has introduced resolutions on nuclear disarmament and jointly authored an inquiry of the Bangladesh and UK Parliaments on Climate Change Equity.

Se-kyun CHUNG

PNND Co-President
Former Speaker of Parliament
South Korea – National Assembly

Mr CHUNG Se-kyun has served as a member of parliament since 1996, first as the representative of Jinan, North Jeolla and later as the representative of Jongno, an important constituency encompassing the Dongdaemun (the Great East Gate) and the presidential residence at the Blue House. He has served as twice chairman of the Uri Party (October 2005 and 2007), Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy (2006 ), leader of the Democratic Party (2008 and 2010) and Speaker of the National Assembly (2016-2018).

Salwa Damen-Masri

PNND Council Member
Minister for Social Development
Jordan – Senate

Senator Salwa Damen-Masri has been a member of the Jordanian senate from 2001-2009 and again from 2013 (Senate Speaker Assistant). She has served as Head of the Euro-Mediterranean Women Parliamentarian Forum (2003), Minister of Social Development (1995 and 2011), Director of UNFPA Project “Women and Development” (1987-1994), First Vice President of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Coordinating Committee of Women  Parliamentarians (2004-2005) and as Co-rapporteur for the IPU Standing Committee on Peace & International Security for the 109th, 111th and 116th IPU Assemblies. She is a member of the PNND Council.

Natalia Díaz Quintana

PNND Co-President
Costa Rica – Legislative Assembly

Natalia Díaz Quintana was elected to the Assembly in 2014. She is on the Costa Rica delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union and a member of the International Relations Committee. One of her first actions in parliament was to introduce a resolution, which was adopted by consensus, commemorating the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

Phil Goff

PNND Co-President
New Zealand – House of Representatives

Phil Goff has been a member of parliament since 1981. He is Chair of PNND New Zealand. He has served as the Minister for Defence, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control. He has introduced nuclear disarmament motions, which have been adopted in the New Zealand parliament, to support the 2015 NPT Review Conference and commemorate the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Bill Kidd

PNND Co-President
United Kingdom – The Scottish Parliament

Bill Kidd is a member of the Scottish Parliament representing the Scottish Nationalist Party. He serves as co-convenor of the All-Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament. Kidd has introduced a number of motions supporting nuclear disarmament and critical of the British deployment and home-basing of nuclear submarines in Faslane, Scotland. Mr Kidd has also participated in international disarmament initiatives, and has assisted former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in efforts for Scottish representation in international disarmament forums such as the NPT and United Nations General Assembly. He has hosted a number of nuclear disarmament events in the Scottish Parliament in cooperation with civil society organisations such as Abolition 2000, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the United Nations Association.

Edward Markey

PNND Co-President
United States of America – Senate

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) is a first-term senator. Previously he served in the House of Representatives where served as Chair of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet and Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. In addition, he co-founded the Bipartisan Caucuses on Nonproliferation. In the senate, Markey has introduced the SANE (Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditure) Act which advocates for substantial cuts in the nuclear weapons budget in order to fund climate change prevention, renewable energies, health care, education and employment. Markey was also a co-founder of SANE/FREEZE, the main US anti-nuclear organization in the 1980s.

Sue Miller

PNND Co-President
United Kingdom – House of Lords

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer is the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs, and has also served as spokesperson for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2001-07), and Agriculture and Rural Affairs (1999-2001). She is a member of several all-party groups, including the Chairperson of the Street Children Group, Vice-chair of the Mexico Group, the Local Environmental Quality Group, Conservation and Wildlife Group and others. She is a member of the LibDem Federal Policy Committee and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Christine Muttonen

PNND Co-President
Austria – Nationalrat (1st chamber)

Christine Muttonen has been a Member of the Austrian Parliament since 1999. She is the area spokesperson for the Austrian Social Democratic Parliamentary Group for Foreign and European Politics. She also serves as Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). She has organized nuclear disarmament events at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and introduced nuclear disarmament text for resolutions that have been adopted in the OSCE PA annual meetings. She is also active in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Marit Nybakk

PNND Co-President
Norway – Stortinget

Marit Nybakk is First Vice-President of the Norwegian Parliament. She has previously served as Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Defense, Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, member of the Norwegian Delegation to the European Union and Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the Arctic Council. . Ms Nybakk has been a member of the Storting for Oslo on behalf of the Labour Party since 1987, and has been re-elected on four occasions.

Laura Angélica Rojas Hernández

PNND Co-President
President Senate Committee on External Relations and International Organisations
Mexico – Senate

Senator Rojas served as a deputy in the National Assembly from 2006-2009 before being elected to the Senate. She is a member of the Mexican Delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union and serves as the President of the Mexican Senate Commission on Foreign Relations and International Organisations.