PNND Updates Archive

Here you can find online versions of email updates sent to PNND members and friends since August 2014:


Jun 17: US-Russia Summit advances key points in international Open Letter

May 24: Women’s role in disarmament highlighted on International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament

April 29: No-First-Use introduced in US Congress. April 29 webinar on global NFU policies

April 1: Senator Markey introduces Invest in Cures Before Missiles (ICBM) Act

Mar 21: New UK nuke policy. Gender, peace and nuclear disarmament events

Mar 3: Inter-generational dialogue on nuclear disarmament. International Women's Day

Mar 1: Two PNND leaders to be honoured at 'Youth Fusion Elders' event

Feb 6: Peace Agenda 2045: Abolish Nuclear Weapons and War

Jan 21: President Biden, the nuclear weapons ban and UN Res 1 (1)

Jan 11: No fingers on nuclear buttons: Appeal for a nuclear-weapon-free world


Oct 2: PNND joins world leaders to address UN High Level Meeting on Nuclear Weapons

Sep 26: Senator Markey to world’s governments: Invest in people not nukes!

Sep 24: Action call to governments for the UN High Level Meeting on Nuclear Weapons

Sep 9: #WeThePeoples2020: a new platform for UN days and events

Aug 28: Take 1 minute to commemorate day against nuclear tests, August 29

Aug 7:  Senator Ed Markey, PM Jacinda Ardern and other PNND members mark Hiroshima/Nagasaki anniversary

Aug 3:   Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear bombings 75th anniversary : International events

July 23:  100 seconds to Midnight. What does it mean? What can we do?

July 9:   Add your name to prevent the USA resuming nuclear test detonations

July 7:  ICJ case, Russell-Einstein Manifesto and Rainbow Warrior bombing anniversaries

June 25:   Parliamentarians and the UN Disarmament Agenda: Roundtable July 1

June 11:   UN 2020: Enhancing peace, disarmament and the role of women. Webinar June 24

May 27:  Senator Markey tells President Trump not to resume nuclear weapons tests

May 24:  238 women leaders join May 24 appeal for Human Security

May 11. Youth leaders on peace, climate action and disarmament: Webinars on May 14, 15 and 19

Apr 2. Former Royal Navy Commanders call to end Continuous-at-sea-deterrence and address Covid-19

Mar 19: PNND and coronavirus update 2

Mar 9: PNND events update and the corona virus

Feb 25: UN Disarmament Agenda, PNND Assembly and NPT Review Conference

Jan 23: Parliamentarians, the Doomsday Clock and UN Res 1 (1)

Jan 4: Parliamentary action for nuclear disarmament in 2020


Dec 1: Invitation to PNND international events in Switzerland and South Korea

Oct 30: U.S. Act to slash nuclear weapons budgets introduced as nuke money counted in New York

Oct 17: IPU Assembly in Belgrade reviews parliamentary action on nuclear disarmament

Sep 18: 130 Years of Ideas that Don't Get Old - Bertha von Suttner conference, Prague

Sep 10: 45 days until counting of the $1 trillion nuclear weapons budget

Aug 22: Parliamentary action for the International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Aug 14: Parliamentary action to take on Nuclear Abolition Day

Jul 27:  In 90 Days we count $1 trillion

Jul 12: US Congress votes to end Korean War

Jul 8:  OSCE Parliamentary Assembly advances peace, disarmament and sustainable development

Jun 28:  Nuclear policies impact Global Peace Index 2019 rankings

Jun 17:  Join the campaign to Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Jun 11:  High-level meeting in Stockholm injects life into the NPT nuclear disarmament commitments

May 28:  UN Secretary General reminds the world of the importance of disarmament

Apr 25:  PNND initiatives and events to stop nuclear proliferation and invest in the future

Apr 11: Reversing the financial interests in fossil fuels and the nuclear arms race

Apr 2: Reminder: International conference on nuclear weapons and fossil fuel divestment, Basel April 12-13

Feb 25: Parliamentarians and civil society call for progress at USA/DPRK Summit

Feb 10:  PNND pays tribute to Paul Dewar

Feb 7:  As Treaties Collapse, Can We Still Prevent a Nuclear Arms Race?

Jan 30:  Mayors and parliamentarians call on the U.S. and Russia to preserve the INF Treaty

Jan 24:  Doomsday Clock, INF Treaty and the Nobel Peace Prize

Jan 17:  Invitation to endorse Basel Appeal for Disarmament and Sustainable Security


Dec 30:   Seasons greetings and advancing peace and disarmament in 2019

Dec  17:  Parliamentary action to preserve the INF Treaty

Dec 14:   Invitation to endorse Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Dec 9:    COP24, nuclear weapons and climate change

Nov 29:  Nuclear weapons and the Right to Life

Aug 30:  No-first-use policy supported by US legislatures

Aug 22:  Take action for Nuclear Abolition Day Sep 26

Aug 5:  Join an event or action for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days

Jul 11:  OSCE parliamentarians call for confidence and nuclear-risk reduction measures

Jun 30:  Trump and Putin: Time for dialogue and detente?

May 24:  Women legislators' appeal Common Security for a nuclear-weapon-free world

May 22:  UN Secretary-General to release new disarmament agenda

Apr 26:  UN High Level Conference is postponed

Apr 22: Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Platform and Actions

Feb 25:  UK House of Lords: From the Doomsday Clock to the UN High Level Conference

Jan 23: Parliamentary Action Plan and the US Nuclear Posture Review


Dec 10: Human Rights Day, Youth, Diplomacy and Nuclear Disarmament

Nov 23: PNND, COP 23, Pope Francis and U.S. presidential authority to use nuclear weapons

Nov 9:  PNND leader secures U.S. Senate Hearings on the presidential authority to use nuclear weapons

Nov 5: PNND congratulates NZ member on becoming Prime Minister, and welcomes UN nuclear disarmament 'summit'

Sep 26: UN High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament: PNND speakers

Sep 3: North Korea tests a nuclear bomb. Appeal for diplomatic solution

Aug 27: Korea, UN High Level Conference and mourning the loss of a PNND champion

Aug 15:  Help diplomacy in Korea, reduce nuclear threats and advance nuclear disarmament

Aug 11:  Global legislators push for diplomatic solution to North Korea threats

Aug 5:  PNND leader new Japan Foreign Minister. Hiroshima & Nagasaki Day actions

Jul 17:  European parliamentarians call on OSCE and NATO to reduce nuclear threats

Jul 7:   PNND launches Action Plan for a nuclear-weapon-free world

Jun 27: Invitation to endorse joint parliamentary letter on detente and nuclear-risk reduction

May 30: Draft nuclear ban treaty released: Negotiations resume June 15

May 14: Initiatives at the NPT: Launch of Nuclear Crisis Group

Apr 10:  PNND and the NPT Conference in Vienna, May 2-12

Feb 20:  Join us for the 2017 PNND Assembly

Jan 28:  PNND and the Doomsday Clock

Jan 3:  Happy New Year: PNND activities in 2017


Dec 21      | EN |    PNND recent activities in Austria, Chile, the Czech Republic, France, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia and the United States

Dec 18      | EN |    Who will you nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Nov 6       | EN |    Prague Agenda Conference: Next steps after the US election

Nov 1        | EN |    UN decides to commence nuclear prohibition negotiations

Oct 26      | EN |    Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Sep 4        | EN |    PNND international conference adopts Astana Vision

Aug 1        | EN |    Take action: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days

Jul 30         | EN |   OEWG Chair releases draft 'Zero Report'

Jul 22         | EN |   U.S. Senators to Obama: Scale back nuclear-use policies

Jul  20        | EN |   Action to support a no-first-use policy

Jul 10          | EN |   OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls for nuclear weapons stand-down!

May 29        | EN |   OEWG - nuclear prohibition negotiations might start in 2017

May 17         | EN |  Exclusive benefit to PNND members - Free sub to Arms Control Today

April 29        | EN |  UN nuclear disarmament deliberations - May sessions in Geneva

April 9          | EN |  PNND and the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit

March 28     | EN |  PNND calls on Nuclear Security Summit to act for nuclear disarmament

February 8  | EN |  Have you endorsed the statement by legislators and religious leaders?

                       | SP |  ¿Ya reafirmaste la declaración: parlamentarios y líderes religiosos

                       | FR |  Groupe de travail: non limitée sur le désarmement nucléaire

January 27  | EN |  Doomsday Clock: It’s three minutes to midnight – PNND responds

January 17  | EN |   Mogherini announces end of EU sanctions against Iran

January 13  | EN |   New year, North Korea and opening the door to nuclear abolition


2015-12-13  | EN |   PNND Council Member nominated for 2015 Arms Control Person of the Year

2015-12-03 | EN |  COP 21 and the Climate-Nuclear Nexus

                     | FR |  COP 21 et lien Climat-Nucléaire

2015-11-30 | EN |  Nobel Peace Prize nominations: Marshall islands case in the World Court

2015-11-22 | EN |  Nuclear weapons use and spending: France, the UK and USA

                     | FR |  France, Royaume-Uni, Etats-Unis : Utilisation et dépenses nucléaires militaires

                     | SP |   El uso de armas nucleares y el gasto: Francia, Reino Unido y EE.UU.

2015-11-19 | EN |  Fresh from the UN: New working group for nuclear disarmament

                      | SP |  Nuevo grupo de trabajo de las Naciones Unidas sobre el desarme nuclear

2015-11-05 | EN |  From Prague to United Nations

2015-10-07 | EN |  Prague PNND Assembly coming up next week

2015-09-14 | EN |  Last call: Register for the PNND Assembly in Prague

2015-06-15 | EN |  Initiatives for cooperation between parliamentarians and religious communities

2015-05-19 | EN |  Save the date: PNND Assembly in Prague, October 14-17, 2015

2015-05-15 | EN |  IPU Youth Parliamentarians conference

2015-04-21 | EN |  NPT and Global Wave

2015-04-15 | EN | PNND report from IPU Assembly in Hanoi

2015-03-28 | EN | Global Wave, Ukraine crisis, Cyber warfare and Nukes

2015-01-27 | EN | Act to reverse the Doomsday Clock

2015-01-19 | EN | PNND New Year Message, Vienna Conference and upcoming 2015 events


2014-11-03 | EN | December 8-9, Vienna Conference on Humanitarian Dimension of Nuclear Weapons

2014-10-29 | EN | PNND elevates leadership and action for nuclear abolition

2014-09-23 | EN | Sep 26, UN Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

2014-09-22 | EN | Workshop on nuclear disarmament

                       | FR | Workshop sur le désarmement nucléaire

2014-08-26 | EN | Upcoming UN Days against nuclear testing and for nuclear abolition

                      | FR | Prochainement : les journées internationales contre les essais nucléaires et pour le désarmement nucléaire

                     | AR | المناسبات الأممية القادمة المناهضة للتجارب النووية والإنتشار النووي


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