PNND and the Corona Virus

PNND postpones some international events due to the corona virus situation, and changes others into video conferences. PNND key programs continue to operate.

Meanwhile, PNND members are active in measures to contain and address the impact of the corona virus.

Corona virus image by Vektoe Kunst (Pixabay)

Due to the coronavirus situation, PNND has had to postpone some of our international events which were scheduled to occur between March-May, and change others into video conferences. PNND programs, including Parliamentarians and the UN Disarmament Agenda and Move the Nuclear Weapons Money continue to operate. (Details below).

In addition, PNND members have been active in developing and implementing measures to contain and address the impact of the coronavirus, and in some countries in challenging a sub-standard response from the government and proposing more effective measures.

In the United States, for example, PNND Co-President Senator Ed Markey, has called on the Trump administration to use the 1950 Defense Production Act for Massive Wartime Manufacturing Mobilization to vastly upscale the development of coronavirus tests and medical equipment.

“We are at war with the coronavirus. We need a massive wartime manufacturing mobilization for coronavirus testing kits and personal protective equipment for medical personnel. We need to activate our capable and talented domestic industry and bring the full power of the federal government to bear in responding to this viral enemy.Senator Ed Markey. Letter to President Trump, March 15, 2020.

PNND member Carolyn Maloney, as Chair of the US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform, has brought leading medical professionals into congressional hearings in order to advance effective measures to address corona virus in light of a haphazard approach from the Trump Administration.

PNND Assembly: Building common security for nuclear disarmament

Originally scheduled  2224 April 2020 | South Korea Parliament | Postponed

PNND was planning to hold our next global Assembly in Seoul in April 2020, hosted by PNND Korea and the Korean Parliament. Due to the outbreak of corona virus cases in South Korea, PNND has had to post-pone the PNND Assembly until a future date to be determined once the outbreak has been brought under control, reversed and no longer poses a threat to participants. (Details to follow)

Parliamentarians and the UN Disarmament Agenda

Program continues | Geneva event now a video conference

Hon Ms Gabriela Cuevas Barron MP, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, speaks at the PNND roundtalbe event at the United Nations on February 19, 2020.

PNND is leading an initiative with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs, Inter-Parliamentary Union and some other organisations* to inform and engage parliamentarians in Securing our Common Future, the United Nations agenda for disarmament released in 2018 by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

PNND organised a half-day parliamentary roundtable event on the initiative at the United Nations on February 19 at which parliamentary delegations and government representatives from approximately 30 countries participated.

At the event, PNND introduced the draft outline of a parliamentary handbook entitled ‘Assuring our Common Future: A Guide to Parliamentary Action in support of Disarmament for Security and Sustainable Development.’ The handbook, which will be published in October 2020, will include recommendations and examples of parliamentary action in the following areas: Disarmament to save humanity, Disarmament that saves lives, Disarmament for future generations, Disarmament and sustainable development, and Strengthening partnerships for disarmament. (Contact PNND to obtain a copy of the handbook draft outline).

A parliamentary roundtable to develop specific content for the handbook was scheduled for April 16 in Geneva to be held in conjunction with the IPU Assembly. As the IPU Assembly has been postponed until October, the parliamentary roundtable will instead be held as a video conference, but at a later date. (Details to follow).

* Other partner organizations in the project include Parliamentarians for Global Action, Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons, Geneva Centre for Security Policy and the World Future Council. 

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Program continues | New York event now a webinar

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money is a program initiated by PNND in cooperation with a number of other international organizations to address the financial interests of the nuclear weapons industry in maintaining a nuclear arms race and their lobbying power to subvert nuclear disarmament initiatives and processes.

The program includes actions by legislators and civil society to cut nuclear weapons budgets, end investments in the nuclear weapons industry and reallocate these budgets and investments to instead support climate action, peace and economic & social development.

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money also includes novel events like Count the Nuclear Weapons Money and social media actions like Move the Nuclear Weapons Money memes to build public awareness and engagement. Contact us if you have not already created your Move the Nuclear Weapons Money meme.

A Move the Nuclear Weapons Money event scheduled to be held at the United Nations on May 5 will be changed to a webinar. (Details to follow).

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money meme by PNND member Hedy Fry (Canada).

2020 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference

United Nations, NY | Scheduled for April 27 - May 22, 2020 | Most likely postponed

States Parties to the NPT, disarmament experts, parliamentarians and civil society experts were scheduled to meet at the UN from April 27 - May 22, 2020 for the NPT Review Conference, which occurs once every five years. Due to corona virus, the NPT Review Conference will either be postponed, or modified into a very restricted event of UN missions based in New York.

PNND was scheduled to make a presentation to the conference on the role of parliamentarians during the NGO session, and to organise (or co-organise) a number of side events including on Move the Nuclear Weapons Money (now to be held as a webinar), Parliamentarians and the UN Disarmament Agenda (cancelled) and Youth Actions for Climate and Disarmament (now to be held as a webinar).

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