Parliamentary dialogue at the OSCE PA Vancouver Session

Common Security, Nuclear Risk-Reduction and the UN Summit of the Future

A roundtable dialogue on using common security approaches and mechanisms to resolve conflicts and prevent war. The event includes introductions to the Youth Hotline project and to peace and security proposals being discussed for the UN Summit of the Future (September 2024).

Monday, July 3, 2023 | OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Vancouver

Monday July 3. 13:30-15:00. Room 210 (Meeting Room 4),OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Annual Session, Vancouver 

With war raging once again in Europe it's time to ask whether the OSCE and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly can play more effective roles in conflict resolution, peace and security? Might the UN Summit for the Future (September 2024) be able to also advance 'multilateral solutions for a better future' to ensure international peace and sustainable security?

This roundtable event will include:


  • Dr Hedy Fry MP (Canada). OSCE Parliamentary SSpecial Representative on Gender Issues. Chair, PNND Canada Section
  • Ivan Siluianov (Russia/Turkey). PNND Program Officer: Youth Hotline Program Director
  • Farah Karimi MP (Netherlands). OSCE PA Special Representative on Youth
  • Alyn Ware (NZ/Czech Republic). PNND Global Coordinator

Event flyer

The event is open to delegates to the Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Please contact Alyn Ware with questions, comments and to RSVP for the event.

Further background reading

About the OSCE and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) includes 57 participating States spanning the geographical area from Vancouver to Vladivostok. It was established as a common security framework for Europe, to complement the United Nations and other global common security mechanisms. These mechanisms need to be better used - and improved - in order to more effectively resolve international conflicts, prevent armed conflict and support nuclear disarmament.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly provides the parliamentary dimension of the OSCE, with 323 parliamentary members. Its primary task is to facilitate inter-parliamentary dialogue to advance the OSCE's goals of  comprehensive  security.