Geneva, Vienna, New York, Washington...

Consultation meetings on UN initiatives and parliamentary action

Consultation meetings in key capitals and UN centres on UN nuclear disarmament negotiations and action by civil society and legislators to support.

19 January22 March 2017 | Geneva, Vienna, New York, London, Washington, Berlin...

The Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Cycle resumes in 2017.  Member states are obligated under the NPT to achieve nuclear disarmament.

In addition, the UN has decided to commence negotiations on a nuclear ban treaty in 2017 and hold a High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament in 2018.  The UN High Level Conference follows similar successful UN conferences on sustainable development, climate change and refugees.

PNND and UNFOLD ZERO are organising consultations in UN centres (Geneva, New York, Vienna) and key capitals on how civil society organisations and legislators can cooperate nationally and globally to make these UN nuclear disarmament processes a success.

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