Intergenerational dialogue on solutions to existential threats

Finding Hope in the Climate - Peace - Disarmament Nexus

An intergenerational dialogue on how global governance solutions can tackle existential threats from nuclear weapons, climate change and war.

Held in two sessions: Session 1 on July 13 timed to suit participants in the Americas/Africa/Europe/Middle East. Session 2 on July 20 timed to suit participants from Asia/Pacific.

1320 July 2023 | Online

This Q&A panel discussion - hosted by Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), PNND, Youth Fusion, and World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP) - will consider how progress on environmental protection is hampered by armed conflict, nuclear threats, and the massive diversion of resources into weapons and war.

We will explore the potential of common security and global governance to foster cooperation to more effectively address climate, peace, and disarmament issues. This intergenerational dialogue will bring together youthful energy and innovation with seasoned expertise and experience, actively engaging our audience to build stronger pathways to a peaceful and sustainable future.

Session I: Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East

Date:         July 13, 2023Time:         12:00-13:30 Eastern Time USA | 16:00 UTC | 17:00 London | 18:00 Central EuropeRegister:    Zoom Registration for Session I

Session 1 Speakers:

  • Kehkashan Basu MSM (UAE/Canada).
  • Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation. United Nations Human Rights Champion. Winner, 2016 International Children's Peace Prize. Council Member, World Future Council.  Former UNEP Global Coordinator for Children & Youth;
  • Marie-Claire Graf (Switzerland).Co-Founder Youth Negotiators Academy and Climate Youth Negotiator Programme.  UN Youth Climate Champion of Switzerland.
  • Maja Groff (Netherlands).Convenor, Climate Governance Commission. Visiting Professor/Scholar at Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Leiden University. Lecturer, Hague Academy of International Law.
  • William (Bill) R. Pace (USA).Founder and Inaugural Convenor, Coalition for an International Criminal Court. Former Executive Director,  World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP). Co-founder,  International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect.
  • Professor Juergen Scheffran (Germany).Professor of Integrative Geography. Chair of the Research Group Climate Change and Security, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, University of Hamburg. Principal author, The Climate-Nuclear Nexus.
  • Michaela Higgins Sørensen (Denmark)Program Officer, PNND Gender, Peace and Security program. Core team member, Youth Fusion.

Session II: Asia/Pacific

Date:         July 20, 2023Time:         5:00 AM UTC  |  10:30 AM Delhi | 2:00 PM  Tokyo | 5:00 PM  Wellington7:00 PM Hawaii | 7:00 AM Eastern Europe | 1:00 AM ESTRegister:    Zoom Registration for Session II

Session 2 Speakers

  • Neshan Gunasekera (Sri Lanka/Sweden)Visiting Fellow, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.  Director, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. Co-Chair, Earth Trusteeship Working Group. Lead Counsel, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.
  • Tadashi Inuzuka (Japan).Co-President, World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy. Executive Director, 3+3 Coalition for a North-East Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. Former Senator from Nagasaki.
  • Augusto Lopez-Claros (Chile/Spain).Executive Director, Global Governance Forum. Senior Fellow at the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Former Director of the Global Indicators Group in DEC of the World Bank.
  • Nicole Ponce (Philippines).Co-Founder and Coordinator, I am Climate Justice movement.Asia Front Coordinator, World's Youth for Climate Justice.
  • Disha Ravi (India).Co-founder, Fridays for Future India.
  • Justin Sobion (Trinidad and Tobago)PhD Candidate (Environmental Law) and Teaching Assistant, New Zealand Centre for Enviornmental Law, University of Auckland. Coordinator, Earth Trusteeship Working Group. Co-editor, "Reflections on Earth Trusteeship: Mother Earth and a new 21st Century governance paragdigm."

Cosponsoring organizations

3+3 Coalition for a North-East Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, Basel Peace Office, Citizens for Global Solutions, Climate Governance Commission, Democracia Global, Green Hope Foundation, I Am Climate Justice, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy, World Future Council, World Service Authority, World's Youth for Climate Justice, Young World Federalists and Youth Fusion.

More about the co-hosting organizations

Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS)

CGS is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan organization and for more than 75 years has brought together a diverse collective of individuals and organizations with a common goal of a unified world predicated upon peace, human rights, and the rule of law.

World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy

The World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy (WFM/IGP), established in 1947, is a non-profit organization registered in the USA and the Netherlands. Guided by its vision of a just, free, and peaceful world, WFM/IGP works to promote the rule of law and global governance of transnational issues including those related to peace, human rights, and the environment. Our vision is a just, free, and peaceful world, where humanity and nature flourish in harmony, while our mission is to create more effective, transparent, and accountable global governance leading to democratic world federation.

Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion is a world-wide networking platform for young individuals and organizations in the field of nuclear disarmament, risk-reduction and non-proliferation. We focus on youth action and intergenerational dialogue, building on the links between disarmament, peace, climate action, sustainable development and building back better from the pandemic. Our goals are clear: to inform, educate, connect and engage our fellow students, activists and enthusiasts. Through these activities, and as part of Abolition 2000 Network, we are contributing to the total abolition of nuclear weapons.