European Regional Meeting of Parliamentarians and City Leaders

Nuclear Disarmament and Divestment

A roundtable meeting for parliamentarians, mayors, city officials and experts on January 15 to discuss nuclear disarmament initiatives and divestment from nuclear weapons producing companies.

Plus a public meeting on January 14 on Investing in peace and sustainability: Political and financial policies to protect future generations from climate change and nuclear weapons.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 | Basel, Switzerland

Basel Peace Office and the Basel Stadt Kanton will host a meeting of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) and member cities of Mayors for Peace on the morning of January 15 plus a public meeting on January 14 on Investing in peace and sustainability: Political and financial policies to protect future generations from climate change and nuclear weapons. The events are held in conjunction with the Basel Peace Forum on January 13-14, 2019.

The aims of the European Regional meeting are to:

  1. Discuss current initiatives for nuclear non-proliferation, risk-reduction and disarmament being advanced by Mayors for Peace and PNND;

  2. Build cooperation between legislators at city, regional and federal levels to advance nuclear non-proliferation, risk-reduction and disarmament;

  3. Discuss new developments and experience in nuclear weapons divestment and in re-focusing such investments in order to support peace and the sustainable development goals;

  4. Prepare for a comprehensive conference in April of legislators, financial managers and civil society on nuclear weapons and fossil fuel divestment, and impact investment for a sustainable future.

The Basel Peace Forum 2019, which precedes the meeting, will be focusing on peacebuilding and impact investment, providing some useful background for the January 15 meeting. Participants in the January 15 meeting will also be invited to the Basel Peace Forum 2019.

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8:00       Registration and coffee

8:30       Session 1: Opening and keynotes

Welcome:  Lukas Ott, Head of Cantonal and City Development Unit, President’s Department, Canton Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. Member, Mayors for Peace.
Opening address: Prof (em) Andreas Nidecker MD, President, Basel Peace Office
Keynote: Thomas Hermann, Mayor of Hannover. Vice-President, Mayors for Peace
Keynote: Christine Muttonen, PNND Co-President, former President OSCE Parliamentary Assembly


9:45     Session 2: Nuclear risk reduction and disarmament initiatives at city, regional and federal levels:

Thore Vestby, Vice-President of Mayors for Peace (tbc)
Sean Morris, Convener of Mayors for Peace European Section: Mayors for Peace action plan
Marzhan Nurzhan, PNND Program Officer: Parliamentary Action Plan for a Nuclear Weapon Free World                                                                                          


11:15    Coffee break

11:45     Session 3: Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Alyn Ware, PNND Global Coordinator and Co-founder of Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: Introduction to nuclear weapons divestment
Thies Kaetow, World Future Council research officer on divestment: Nuclear divestment examples at city and regional levels
Rudolf Rechsteiner, Consultant on Fair pension fund auditing and sound public finances: Nuclear and fossil fuel divestment of pension funds: Strategies for a 100% renewable energy future


12:45     Wrap up, conclusion and notices: Prof Dr Andreas Nidecker

13:00     Lunch and departures

Conference language: English

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