OSCE Parliamentary body highlights nuclear threats - supports humanitarian pledge

On the 40th anniversary of the OSCE, its Parliamentary Assembly takes action on nuclear-risk reduction. The Assembly highlights the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons, and calls for multilateral disarmament negotiations under the auspices of the UN. Read more

PNND Member Mogens Lykketoft elected President of the UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly applauds election of Lykketoft
Theme for his presidency: "The U.N. at 70, a new commitment to action" Read more

NPT event highlights cooperation between legislators and religious leaders

Event highlights religious principles and legal norms requiring nuclear abolition.
Japanese religious leaders and legislators adopt joint statement on nuclear disarmament. Joint initiative for 70th anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing. Read more

Parliamentarians and the NPT – Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons!

Inter Parliamentary Union calls on parliamentarians to act for a successful NPT Review ConferenceActions could include parliamentary debates/resolutions, attending the NPT Review Conference, or doing a Global Wave 2015 action in front of your parliamentIPU President leads a 'Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons' at the IPU 132nd Assembly as part of Global Wave 2015 Read more

World body of parliaments highlights cyberwar and nuclear risks

Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) adopts resolution on cyber-warfare.Risks of nuclear-weapons-use through cyber attack identified.IPU calls for de-alerting of nuclear weapons, followed by nuclear abolition, to prevent an unauthorised or accidental use of nuclear weapons that would have catastrophic consequences. Read more

UK, Norway and Japan parliaments – on a ban, the pledge and the role of nukes

Parliamentary questions and debates have recently taken place in the parliaments of Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom on the role of nuclear weapons, the possibility of a nuclear weapons ban and support for the Austrian pledge to ‘fill the legal gap to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons.’ Read more

US and European legislators – should nuclear weapons deployment be expanded in Europe?

US legislators call for nukes to new NATO countries. NATO parliamentarians oppose. Joint letter from NATO parliamentarians to President Obama. Read more

PNND commends Austria for the Vienna Conference

PNND Co-Presidents and Council Members send letter to Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, commending Austria for the Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons. Read more

Vienna conference: legislators vital to nuclear disarmament

Over 1000 delegates (government and non-governmental) meet in Vienna to discuss the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. Parliamentarians from over a dozen countries participate. The Vienna Conference stresses the vital role of parliamentarians. Read more

Austrian Parliament hosts roundtable during the Vienna Humanitarian Conference

In conjunction with the the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, Austrian Parliament hosted a roundtable in cooperation with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and PNND. Read more