Kazakhstan and Chain Reaction 2016 – from nuclear tests to a nuclear-weapon-free world

A nuclear bomb destroys through an uncontrollable chain reaction of atoms being split in two. From Kazakhstan, comes a chain reaction of peace. Read more

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls for nuclear weapons stand-down

Parliamentary delegations from 54 countries call for de-alerting and no-first-use of nuclear weapons. The Tbilisi Declaration, adopted at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, also supports the start of multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations in 2017. Read more

Christine Muttonen elected OSCE PA President

PNND Co-President Christine Muttonen elected to be President of the Parliamentary Assembly for the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA).Muttonnen emphasises the important role parliamentarians can play for peace and security. Read more

Senator Markey: President Obama cannot preach temperance from a bar stool

Markey highlights Obama's Hiroshima visit, but says that the President must scale back the U.S. nuclear weapons program. Proposed new nuclear weapons are especially risky. Read more

PNND Alumni Alexander Van der Bellen elected as President of Austria

Mr Van der Bellen beats far-right candidate in nail-biting result.
Former leader of the Green party, supporter of Europe and active on nuclear disarmament. Read more

PNND and education for nuclear disarmament

UN General Assembly report on disarmament education highlights importance of educating and engaging parliamentarians.PNND submits report to the UN on education activities for 2014-2016. Read more

OEWG - Nuclear prohibition negotiations may start in 2017

PNND participates in UN Working Group on nuclear disarmament. Non-nuclear countries propose that negotiations start in 2017 on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. Nuclear umbrella countries push for negotiations on 'building blocks' before they will agree to prohibition. A Framework Agreement might be the best approach. Read more

Parliamentarians support 4th Nuclear Security Summit: Call for high-level process for nuclear disarmament

Nuclear Security Summits have helped prevent nuclear terrorism. But the risk of nuclear terrorism is highlighted by ISIS targeting nuclear power facilities in Belgium, and other incidents. PNND leaders say that sustainable nuclear security requires verified nuclear disarmament. Read more

Young Parliamentarians a new force for peace, disarmament and sustainable development

130 young parliamentarians from 50 countries gather in Lusaka.Discuss youth action and policies for a sustainable world. Read more

PNND nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

PNND is honoured to have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Senator Marouf Bakhit on behalf of the Senate of Jordan, and separately by Aytug Atici MP (Turkey) supported by Prof. Kristian Andenæs (University of Oslo). Read more