OSCE Parliamentary Assembly condemns invasion of Ukraine & urges nuclear risk reduction

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopts the Birmingham Declaration at its Annual Session on July 6.The Declaration condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supports legal measures in response, and urges the adoption of no-first-use policies and other nuclear risk reduction and disarmament measures.Photo: UK Parliament  Read more

First Meeting of Ban Treaty (TPNW): Nuclear threats and other issues

States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) meet in Vienna, June 21-23, 2022.Key issues for the meeting include how to strengthen the norm against nuclear weapons use, how to curtail the nuclear arms race and how to bring nuclear armed and allied states into the treaty. Read more

International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament, May 24

Join our event and/or take action for International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament, May 24, 2022 Read more

PNND commemorates International Women's Day, March 8

March 8 is International Womens' Day and the anniversary of the launch of the PNND Gender, Peace and Security Program. PNND commemorates the day by highlighting actions, resources and events of the program. Read more

Legislators' actions on Russian invasion of Ukraine and increased nuclear threats

Statements and actions by PNND members opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, expressing concern about the increasing nuclear threats and promoting ways to address these issues. Read more

PNND Founding Chair Hon Douglas Roche on peace, disarmament and human security

PNND's Founding Chair Douglas Roche discusses peace, disarmament and human security in a podcast interview released earlier this week by Youth Fusion, the global youth network for nuclear disarmament. Read more

Tribute to Alexa McDonough - a Nova Scotian champion

PNND pays tribute to Alexa McDonough, former PNND Co-President, who passed away on January 15, 2022.Cover photo: Alexa speaking on peace and disarmament in New York for the United Nations 60th Anniversary, 2005 Read more

Legislators and experts discuss nuclear disarmament and human security

Short report of the January 19 online parliamentary event Nuclear disarmament and human security.This was the third global event in follow-up to the publication of Assuring our Common Future: a guide to parliamentary action in support of disarmament for security and sustainable development Read more

Parliamentary call to the NPT: Leadership required to address nuclear threats, the climate crisis and the pandemic

Video presentation by Bill Kidd MSP to the 10th NPT Review Conference on behalf of PNND. The Review Conference has been postponed until August, but policy action, statements and deliberations relating to the NPT Review Conference continue.Photo: Bill Kidd MSP participating in the Count the Nuclear Weapons Money action in New York during UN Disarmament Week. Read more

Senator Markey: Shift funds from the military to climate action. And end the nuclear threat!

Senator Markey addresses the US Senate in a powerful speech criticising the bloated $768 Billion military budget, proposing an amendment to shift 1% of that budget to fast-track carbon emissions and assist those impacted by climate change, and to end the US policy option to initiate a nuclear war (first-use of nuclear weapons). Read more