Soviet nuclear test victim tours England and Scotland

PNND co-organises a tour of England and Scotland by Karipbek Kuyukov, second generation victim of Soviet nuclear tests and Honorary Ambassador of the ATOM Project Read more

U.S. Congress votes in support of an end to the Korean War

U.S. Congress supports Amendment 217 to the National Defense Authorization Act, supporting diplomacy and an end to the 69-year long Korean War. Also adopted was an amendment to prevent Saudi Arabia from developing a nuclear weapon. Read more

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly advances peace, disarmament and sustainable development

Parliamentarians, meeting in Luxembourg for the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, adopt a Declaration on Advancing Sustainable Development to Promote Security which calls for nuclear risk reduction measures and shifting budget priorities to support nuclear disarmament. The declaration also supports the nuclear ban treaty.   Read more

High-level meeting in Stockholm injects life into the NPT nuclear disarmament commitments

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström hosts a meeting of ministers from 16 countries to elevate political support for practical nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament measures. Read more

UN Secretary-General reminds world of the importance of disarmament

On May 24, International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament, UNSG Antonio Guterres reminds the world of the vital importance of disarmament. His video message highlights the disarmament agenda he launched on May 24, 2018. Read more

Global Peace Bike Ride starts from UK Parliament

PNND and Mayors for Peace co-sponsor the Bike Ride for Peace around the World which started from UK Parliament on Wednesday February 27, 2019. The bike ride is led by Tore Naerland, a blind rider and long-time nuclear disarmament campaigner. Read more

Parliamentarians and civil society call for progress at USA/DPRK Summit

Presidents Trump and Kim about to meet in Hanoi, Vietnam.Parliamentarians and civil society leaders call for concrete progress on peace and denuclearisation. Read more

PNND pays tribute to Paul Dewar

PNND mourns the death and pays tribute to Co-President Paul Dewar, a wonderful humanitarian, educator and parliamentarian. Read more

Mayors and parliamentarians from 40 countries call on Russia and the US to preserve the INF Treaty

Mayors, parliamentarians, policy experts and civil society representatives send a joint appeal to USA and Russia, which calls on them to preserve the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, prevent a new nuclear arms race in Europe and undertake measures to reduce the risk of a nuclear conflict. Appeal was drafted and adopted at a European regional conference on Nuclear Disarmament and Divestment in Basel, January 15.  Read more

Mayors and parliamentarians meet in Basel to discuss disarmament and sustainable security

Basel conference brings legislators, experts and civil society representatives together to discuss the INF Treaty, disarmament and divestment from weapons and fossil fuel industries.PNND invites legislators and civil society representatives to endorse the Basel Appeal for Disarmament and Sustainable Security. Read more