U.S. Senators call for US/China nuclear weapons talks

PNND Co-President Senator Ed Markey and the other co-chairs of the Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control Working Group call for direct Biden-Xi nuclear talks.Photo: Don't even think abaout starting a nuclear war sign outside China Embassy in Prague. Read more

PNND and the Climate - Nuclear Disarmament Nexus

PNND's Climate-Nuclear Disarmament Nexus program highlights the connections between the climate crisis and the threat from nuclear weapons, advances policy solutions to address both issues, and builds cooperation between legislators, experts and civil society movements working on these two issues.  Read more

Lord Hannay addresses Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change event

Keynote presentation of Lord Hannay of Chiswick to Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change, an intergenerational symposium which took place at Central Hall Westminster and online on September 9, 2021.The event brought youth leaders in in the climate and nuclear disarmament movements together with legislators (parliamentarians), policy/academic experts, members of the diplomatic community, representatives of civil society organizations and others to discuss these two existential threats to current and future generations.   Read more

US legislators call on President Biden to reduce the role and cut the numbers of nuclear weapons

US lawmakers call on President Biden to use the forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review to  limit the role of nuclear weapons in US national security, reduce unnecessary nuclear weapons spending, and make tangible progress towards additional global arms control and risk reduction measures.Photo credit: Robert Winkle Read more

Legislators, experts, officials and youth discuss climate change and nuclear disarmament connections at special London event

An intergenerational dialogue on nuclear weapons and climate change - two existential threats to humanity.The event was held at Central Hall Westminster (London, UK) and online on September 9, 2021. It  included students and youth leaders in dialogue with legislators (parliamentarians), policy/academic experts, members of the diplomatic community, representatives of civil society organizations and others. Read more

Bike for Peace starts Switzerland tour

Bike for Peace is doing a short cycle tour of Switzerland from August 27-31 in conjunction with the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. The tour, co-sponsored by PNND, includes bike rides and events in Lausanne and Geneva to highlight the role of sport in advancing peace, and to support diplomatic initiatives to prevent nuclear war and achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.Photo: Bike for Peace arrives in Lausanne. Read more

Presidents Biden and Putin to meet in Geneva June 16. Legislators join others in call for no-first-use and an end to the nuclear arms race.

An Open Letter to Presidents Biden and Putin is endorsed by over 900 legislators, political leaders, military leaders, academics and representatives/members of religious and civil society organizations.
US congressmembers introduce legislation calling for adoption of No First Use (NFU) policies and for an end to the nuclear arms race. Read more

Women’s role in disarmament highlighted on International Day

May 24 is International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament.PNND and World Future Council reaffirm the international women's appeal Human Security for public health, peace and sustainable development, and call on parliamentarians and civil society to take further action on the calls in the appeal. Read more

Momentum grows for No-First-Use policies in the USA and globally

No-First-Use (NFU) legislation is introduced in the US Congress.A number of civil society appeals are launched and events organised to promote NFU policies.  Read more

PNND Gender, Peace and Security Program Launch

PNND Gender, Peace and Security Program Launch:Commemorating International Women’s Day through an Intergenerational Dialogue Between Women Involved in Nuclear Disarmament Read more